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Im wondering if anyone's got any music with the now disbanded indies band "style" the vocalist yuji is now in the band "PRIME ADDICT"
I have style's discography, but it's in very low sound quality, does anyone have it in better?

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I have just fell in love with this band and Shiina's voice ^^
I'd like to request some of their songs, especially Gunjou Biyori and Dynamite and of course something that YOU guys recommend...! I'd really appreciate this ^___~

[DIO distraught overlord - Yukihana mp3]
[Alice nine - Corona mp3]
[Transtic Nerve - SHELL album zipped]
[Plastic tree's random mp3's zipped]
[some of my all time favourite mp3's zipped]

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deathgaze - Help, Someone, Pleeeease! (Sorry, so OT)

Hi, everyone!

I was wondering if someone from this spiffy community could help me out. I'm a deathgaze fan, but I'm not quite fluent in Japanese yet. I'm spending my winter break at my parents' house, and unfortunately, I forgot my kanji dictionaries at my apartment which is . . . elsewhere. If I had my dictionaries, I'd translate the message myself, but yeah, I forgot them . . .

Sooo, . . . if anyone is fluent or nearly fluent in Japanese, I have a huge favor to ask! Pleeeease! On deathgaze's official site (www.deathgaze.com), it looks like there's this message in their "Top" link stating that deathgaze's vocalist, Sou, is no longer with the band. His name or photo isn't in the "Members" section, nor does he have a diary anymore at the site. I'm assuming he left the band, or they kicked him out, . . . or he ran away again.

If someone could give me a brief translation of that site's message, or direct me to a site that'll help me translate the message, I'd really appreciate it.

And, I'm sorry if this post is really off-topic. I apologize for breaking any rule I might've. It's just, this is the only place I know of that specializes in indies J-rock bands, so I'd really appreciate your help and understanding for this OT post. Again, I'm sorry . . .
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Hello ~ Request

Hi, I'm new to this LJ community. I've looked through older entries and I'm really happy to have joined this group. You all seem very helpful and for the most part, into the same kind of indies J-rock music I am. Yay! ^o^

I have a request though, so I hope that's okay. I noticed that in an older entry, "karmatik" uploaded gossip's entire "obscene" mini album. I tried to download the album using the provided link, but it said that the file could not be found. ;__; Is it possible for "karmatik" or anyone else to re-upload the album for me? I'll be eternally grateful . . . Oh, and if you know where to find any more gossip PVs, please lead me there! ^_^

I'm also interested in these bands:
- the GazettE
- Sadie
- deathgaze
- gossip
- Renny Amy

Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! I'm happy to meet you all! Thanks!
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Well... Its almost Xmas and I was kinda lazy to do anything productive, so... here you have some Xmas uploads ^^

follow the cut...

[u can find there: sadie, calmando qual, aurora, alumi land and g.o.z. VII]
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Hey all~ I was just wondering if anyone had anything by "exist+trace" ((they're an all-girl eroguro/visual band))? Namely their 'JUDEA' single, since I know for sure I like the song ((I heard a little clip of it on YouTube)).

Also too, does anyone know where I can buy their singles/albums? CDJapan and YesAsia don't seem to have them listed... But those two sites are really good with getting your items to you fast, so I'm a little nervous about buying from somewhere else. **le sigh**

Oh well, from what I've heard of exist+trace, they really rock so I think it'd be worth it, regardless of shipping difficulties. XD;

Thanks in advance~ ♥
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Dieur Mind

Heya im new to this community!
I was wondering if anyone have some music with Dieur Mind (Karyus old band) I already got Dearkin, HAZY MOON and Blue. If anyone want them ill upload them for you^^
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GECHENA anyone?!

Well... I love music made by Aurora, and Kaira recently started a new group: GECHENA.
I know that they released a single called [A]. Does anyone have it?????

U can find bribes here

Please... help me ^^
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